Discover Carpathia
The Food, Nature and Culture of Transylvania

The Mihai Eminescu Trust is a charity dedicated to the conservation and regeneration of villages and communes in Transylvania and the Maramures, two of the most unspoilt regions of Europe.

With more than 10 years activity in the region, thy have delivered real results in preserving Saxon Transylvania, its natural and cultural heritage.  They were instrumental in attracting the focus of their patron HRH the Prince of Wales to Romania, resulting in many benefits for the area.

Discover Carpathia supports the work of MET and during every trip you will get the opportunity to experience their work at first hand.

To discover more about the Trust click here

Our Friends and Partners

The Transylvania Food Company is an impact investment enterprise set up by Jim Turnbull to link biodiversity with promoting traditional products from Transylvania. It has brought the greatest level of impact to some of the poorest communities in the region through securing export orders for syrups based on wild fruits and flowers for a major UK soft drinks company.

This year product from Transylvania Food Company will be sold under HRH Prince of Wales Highgrove label - a major step forwards for small producers in Transylvania.

During our visits to Saschiz we visit the juice barn where you will learn and taste the story at first hand. To discover more about the Transylvania Food Company click here