Discover Carpathia
The Food, Nature and Culture of Transylvania

Transylvania and the Carpathians - names that evoke images of a land of myth and mystery, that many imagine only exists in pages of gothic literature and on the silver screen. However, it is a very real region in the heart of South Eastern Europe that is home to stunning landscapes, Europe's largest surviving populations of wolves and bears and wild flower rich grasslands that have been lost in the west. Scattered amongst this green paradise are historic villages with World Heritage listed fortified churches that date back to the 12th century.

These treasures have been preserved through local communities respect for tradition. Tasty good food is produced on small family farms, wine comes from vines shading the beautiful courtyards, wonderful cheese is handmade by shepherds grazing their flocks above the village and jams made to age old recipes from the fruits of the forest. Wonderful hospitable people will open their doors to give you and intimate insight into this way of life.


The region sits in the Saxon Triangle of beautiful historic Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov. Each with a very different character, they provide a perfect complement to days in the countryside.

Watch the 2011 Travel Channel documentary to get a taste of

Wild Carpathia and the Saxon Villages